Cronulla Church can accommodate 400 worshippers per Mass under the current NSW COVID-19 rules, and unlimited for Weddings and Funerals. No bookings are required to attend Mass.

Schedule of Masses (No prior registration is required)
Saturday: 5pm Vigil (Cronulla)
Sunday at Cronulla: 8am, 10am, 6pm
Sunday at Bundeena: 9am
Weekday Masses: Tuesday to Saturday at 8am
Eucharistic Adoration: 4pm to 5pm on Sunday at Cronulla
First Friday Eucharistic Adoration: 3pm to 7pm

Masses at St Aloysius Church are LIVESTREAMED at 8am (Tuesday to Saturday) and at 5pm Saturday, Sunday at 8am and 6pm.

Livestreams and recording can be watched below or via Facebook or YouTube.

Cronulla Church Roof Repair Campaign Video 2020.

March 2021: Stage 3 of roof repairs are about to begin which will cost a further $30,000. Please contact the Parish Office to contribute or click through to contribute via the online portal and choose roof repair as the descriptor.


Directives for Churches and Liturgies
for the Archdiocese of Sydney
under current COVIDSafe restrictions
from 9 December 2020

Read Archbishop Fisher’s Pastoral Letter of 13 December, 2020 – Come Home to Mass!

From 9 December 2020: The easing of restrictions on numbers at Mass from now until further notice means that:

  • Parishes are to register as COVID-safe and maintain an up-to-date COVID-safe plan.
  • Parishes should observe a 2m2 rule with respect to the numbers allowed to attend Mass, funeral and weddings and other indoor and outdoor events.
  • It is desirable that churches be open for private prayer where practicable. Please sanitizer at the entrance and use the QR code or sign-in sheet for self-check-in to assist with contact tracing.
  • For scheduled Masses, registering is still required to comply with government tracing regulations.
  • Singing by congregations and choirs is now permitted. Up to 50 members of a choir can sing indoors with no cap on choristers outside. Choristers should face forward and have physical distancing of 1.5 members between each other and be 5 metres from other people. It is timely to remind people that: Great importance should be attached to the use of singing in the celebration of the Mass, with due consideration for the culture of peoples and abilities of each liturgical assembly. Although it is not always necessary (e.g. in weekday Masses) to sing all the texts that are in principle meant to be sung, every care should be taken that singing by the ministers and the people not be absent in celebrations that occur on Sundays and on Holydays of Obligation. However, in the choosing of the parts actually to be sung, preference is to be given to those that are of greater importance and especially to those which are to be sung by the Priest or the Deacon or a reader, with the people replying, or by the Priest and people together. (General Instruction of the Roman Missal, no. 40) NSW Health recommends the use of face masks by those singing. 

Certain measures aimed at reducing the risk of spreading of COVID-19 by contact with objects and surfaces, and by aerosol transmission, will remain in force for the present time, with some slight adjustments:

  • A degree of physical distancing between persons not from the same household should still be encouraged.
  • NSW Health continues to encourage the wearing of masks in places where people do not feel they can appropriately distance.

Holy Water is still removed from the stoups near the church doors, but is available for those who request it. The rite of blessing and sprinkling of holy water at Sunday Mass is encouraged and will now occur periodically at Sunday Masses. 

  • Practices such as passing of hymn books, bulletins and collection plates from person to person should not yet be restarted. Alternative measures that parishes have put in place should be continued for now.
  • The procession with the gifts (‘Offertory Procession’) at Mass should not yet be restarted.
  • Priests and deacons may continue not to offer the Sign of Peace; where it is offered, it should for the time being remain a gesture which does not involve physical contact, except between persons in the same household.
  • Priests, deacons, acolytes and other extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion may wear a mask when distributing communion. They should sanitize their hands immediately before distributing Holy Communion.
  • Holy Communion from the chalice for the faithful remains suspended.
  • Holy Communion on the hand continues to be encouraged. Care should be taken if distributing on the tongue and those seeking this might be asked to come last to Holy Communion.

Other sacraments

  • A cotton wool swab may be used for sacramental anointings at baptism, confirmation and anointing of the sick.

If the rate of community transmission of COVID-19 remains very low, it will be possible to further relax of these liturgical restrictions.

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Parish Sacramental Programs for 2020 – Confirmation Cancelled

Please read the following Letter from our Parish Priest, regarding the cancellation of the Parish Confirmation Program for 2020, due to coronavirus. A program will be offered in 2021. Apologies for any disappointment that might be experienced.

About our Parish Priest- Fr James McCarthy

Fr James commenced service as the Parish Priest of Cronulla from 1 July 2019. He is delighted to have returned to Cronulla after 12 years.

Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Safeguarding Online Training

The Safeguarding & Ministerial Integrity Office is pleased to announce Safeguarding Induction Training is now available online for workers and volunteers of the Parish Community and Youth Ministry workers and volunteers.

In order to access the online Safeguarding Induction Training, you will need to provide the Safeguarding Office with a few details to allow us to set up and online account for you. Within 48 hours of completing this online form you will receive an email with your username, password and a link that will take you directly to the training.

If you have any enquiries please contact the Safeguarding Team via email: or alternatively you can call 9390 5811. The below link will enable you to register for Modules 1 and 2 that is recommended all volunteers to complete.

Parish Google Calendar

The Parish has recently developed a updated google calendar, which you can easily add to your own digital calendar. Simply click the + button on the calendar to add to your own device.