Parish Collections

Throughout the year the Catholic community has a number Collections. On a weekly basis there are two regular collections.

The First Collection
The First Collection on Sundays and the gifts received for Baptisms and Marriages as well as Christmas and Easter Gifts go towards paying the living expenses of the clergy of the Sydney Archdiocese, beginning with the priests of our parish. If there is any surplus, it is given to the common fund of the Archdiocese to pay priests in smaller parishes.

The Second Collection
The second collection taken during Sunday Masses is for the support of the parish. Though most of the pastoral work of the parish is done by volunteers, there are a number of wages and bills to pay in relation to the running of the parish and for looking after the premises. Some of the school maintenance expenses also are the parish responsibility. Renovation of the Parish Centre, the building of the new presbytery and any work to be done on the church are financed by the Second Collection. To enable tax deductibility for the contributors and to make financial planning easy, we have the Planned Giving (Envelope) Program. At the end of each financial year all contributors are provided with a receipt. You can either donate through weekly envelopes or authorise the parish office to make periodic deductions from your credit card.


Other Collections Throughout the Year

Charitable Works Fund
One of the ongoing commitments the parish has to the Archdiocese is the Charitable Works Fund (CWF). Each parish is given a quota to meet. The appeal is made three times a year. Our annual quota is $37,300. All donations to the CWF of $2 or more are 100% tax deductible. After the collections, the short fall is made up from the church fund (second collection).
There are specially marked envelopes for donation to the CWF. You can either make a donation through the parish or directly to the Archdiocesan Office. The address is printed on CWF envelopes. It is also possible to use credit cards for a one-off donation or to organise a periodic deduction.


Other Collections
The other collections during the year are:

  • The Holy Father's Appeal.
  • Project Compassion - part of the Lenten penance and the money collected goes to Caritas Australia for helping the poor throughout Australia and the world.
  • The Mission Appeal occurs in the second half of the year and the money collected goes to the Mission Office of the Archdiocese to help poorer dioceses in Australia and abroad.


We also make a collection for the Winter Appeal and the Christmas Appeal to help the cause of the St Vincent de Paul Society.

Parishioners are supportive of all these causes. Anyone wishing to make a special donation or a bequest to any of the above causes is always welcome to speak with Fr Tom.


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Youth Band

There is a Youth Band playing at 6pm Sunday night mass.
If you are a musician, or would like to lend your voice and contribute in some way your contribution would be a valued addition to the existing b

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We have a Youth IT group.

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