Catechists in the State Schools (CCD)

Contact: Cathy Sammut Ph: 85220300

Mission: Above all we contribute to the formation of the whole person through education
towards and in faith, as services to individuals, families and the Church. It is our
responsibility to serve Catholic families who have chosen public schooling, in whatever
ways people and the signs of the times require, consistent with the values of the Catholic
Church. All State Schools provide school time for students to receive formation in their
faith. The Catechists give religion education classes for half an hour to an hour a week.

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Youth Band

There is a Youth Band playing at 6pm Sunday night mass.
If you are a musician, or would like to lend your voice and contribute in some way your contribution would be a valued addition to the existing b

Youth IT Group

We have a Youth IT group.

Our group maintains this youth section of the website.
You can help us if you can use Joomla, love photography, or are an artist or designer.

Using your talents is a great